Burnley & Pendle
General Knowledge Quiz League


This league will be known as the Burnley & Pendle General Knowledge Quiz League.


Teams are to consist of four players with a minimum of two to start the game. (The committee recommend that to play with two players should only be undertaken in unavoidable and exceptional circumstances)


There will be no substituting during a game.


(a) There will be 2 points for a win – 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.


(b) If there is a tie on match results at the end of the season, then the total of match points scored, will be taken into consideration and if there is a tie on the points, a play-off match will have to be played between the tying teams.


(a) The league will consist of one division unless numbers increase and make it impractical when two divisions will be formed


(b) A Knock-out quiz will run concurrently.


The quiz format can be altered by a successful majority vote at AGM.


The current quiz format is eight rounds of eight questions, plus eight spare questions.


No conferring in individual rounds.


(a) In the Knock-out Competition there will be nine rounds and 8 spare questions. In the event of a draw at the end of round eight, round nine will be played, but scores at the end of round eight will need to be recorded and phoned in, if a highest loser is required round eight scores will be used to decide this.


(b) Who goes first is decided by the toss of a coin


(c) The team which lost the toss have the choice to change at the start of round five.


Quizzes will consist of alternate rounds of eight questions plus eight spares.


In rounds 1, 3, 5 & 7, questions will be asked alternately of individuals and 2 points awarded for a correct answer. If the individual is incorrect the question is passed over to the rest of the team, 1 point is awarded for a correct answer.


If the team answers incorrectly the questions is passed to the opposition and 1 point will be awarded for the correct answer. There is no conferring on the individual rounds.


In round 2, 4, 6 & 8, questions will be asked alternately of teams. Team members may confer and 2 points will be awarded for a correct answer. If incorrect the question will be passed over to the opposing team and 1 point awarded for a correct answer. A spokesperson must be chosen for the purpose of answering team questions and only that person’s answer can be accepted.


The question person must accept the question and answer as correct, except as in rule 11.


Disputed answers to be settled as follows:-


(a) By both captains agreeing that the answer on the question paper is wrong and that given by a team member is correct.


(b) By both captains agreeing to use a spare question.


(c) As a last resort the question can be sent as a query to the committee. A notification of intention to query the question must be made to the quiz master and opposing team before moving on to the next question.


Answer may be checked on electronic devices [mobile phones], but this should be done AFTER the match is completed.


The score sheet should be sent with the details of the query to the committee at the earliest opportunity, with £1.00 which will be returned if the query is upheld. The merits of the complaint will be discussed at the next committee meeting.


Disputed or unacceptable questions. These are spelling questions multiple choice questions, badly worded questions, inaccurately worded questions, and 2 part questions. [However 2 part answer are perfectly acceptable]


An example of a 2-part question is ‘Who won the Battle of Hastings and in what year was it held?’


An example of a 2-part answer is ‘Which 2 countries are connected by the Channel Tunnel?’


(a) If both Captains agree that the question is obviously unacceptable then a spare question is given.


(b) If no agreement is reached, the querying team can get a spare question then refer to committee [as in rule10]


The onus is on the home team to supply all match officials and score sheets. Scores should be recorded, announced and agreed at the end of each round.


The onus is on the winning team to notify the results secretary with the results in a reasonable time span.


Games to be played on a Wednesday night at 8:30pm. The match can be claimed if not started by 9:00pm, but the final decision will be made by committee. If the game has to be postponed notify the home venue that the match will not be played. Then notify the Committee/Chairperson who will then be able to provide an alternative quiz if needed.


The visiting team has the choice of starting first or second at the beginning of the game, and at the start of round 5


Individuals may only play for one team during a season unless they have the committee’s permission.


The league will be run during the season by the committee who will meet on the first Monday of each month at a designated venue.


At Annual General Meeting all team members present are entitled to vote. It is hoped that all teams will make an effort to be represented at the A.G.M.


All teams must ensure that league fees are paid on time.


(a) Each team should try to provide one spare quiz, with the setting team name on the envelope, for use in postponed matches. The quiz should consist of 9 rounds in case it is needed for the Knock-out competition. Avoid inclusion of any questions relating to current affairs or topical events for the ‘spare’ quizzes. The quiz should be sent to the Committee Chairperson for safe-keeping..





Revised 5th June 2017.